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iSexhibition - An Outrageous Drinking & Flirtation Game!, iSexy Charity Challenge and iSexy Redpoints are Three Business Models we offer that may be used individually or collectively. They are unique in the fact that they are always in the Public Eye and are continually Self-Promoting; from the interaction and word-of-mouth advertising created from the actual events themselves to all literature, marketing tools and personalized iSexy Gifts & Gear printed with your personalized StripURL.

It doesn't matter if you want to improve the Bottom Line of your existing Business or you want to start your own Home-Based iSexy Business all of our Business Models will help you achieve true Financial Success. Now, take your time, do your homework and Choose Your Road to Success Wisely!










Meet The Twins!
Like most Fraternal Twins, even though they look slightly different, one is a Wild Child and a member of a Cult (The iSexy Network) and the other is shy and more conservative who created their own website to distance themselves and avoid embarrassment, but despite their differences they both have the same mission in life: To help every business around the world build a stronger, loyal customer base. Our dysfunctional family couldn't be more proud!





Promote:  $640.00
Entertain:  $29,650.00
Donate:  $293.00

Total:  $30,583.00
Promote: Total amount of commissions earned by iSexhibition Affiliates from the sale of Franchises, products & services including earned residual income.
Entertain: Total amount of money earned by iSexhibition Operators for weekly iSexhibition Performances.
Donate: Total amount of money raised for Non-Profit Organizations.
Total: Total amount of money generated by iSexhibition since its inception.

Monies generated are submitted by each iSexhibition Affiliate as they are received.

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